Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Is The Best Gift For Someone Special?

Let's kick it off with... "Hey There!! I'm Back!"

Things have changed a lot for these past few years, I got a new job (thats 2+ years ago and this time its in between IT and Finance.. Suits my academic qualification and my personal interest LoL), starting to learn a bit of Tagalog, making a lot of new friends (mebbe I'm gonna post some of their pics here) and a whole lot more.. probably I'm going to post something abt it all in the future.

Anyway let's get back to the topic above, recently a lot of my friends asked me that particular question... probably bcoz I'm too sentimental i guess... LoL

To Me... regardless if it's for someone important or not, I would like to give gift that the particular person can remember me by... So no edible gifts from me (mebbe for an extra zest but never as the main one)

Okay here are the guideline that I made up and always follow (Atleast just hit 2 of those points):

1. Is It Needed By Him/Her?

You'll feel so good when he/she says "How Did You Know I Need This?!! Thank You So Much!!

2. Is It Usable Or Wearable Daily?

I dunno abt you guys, but necklaces, rings, bangles, wallets, belts, even tumblers are good gifts, why? because they use it everyday and somehow those stuffs can reminded them of you.

3. Is It Unique Or Does It "Say" Anything About Me Or The Person Who Receives It?

Well once I bought my mom a gold bracelet and ring with black pearl for her bday because I love black and my mom knows that and she caught me off guard when she cried...
I also gave a friend of mine a wallet embossed with wings for his bday bcoz he is so fascinated with angels and he needed a new one though he didn't say it (whoa this one is hit all the 3 points!)

Well as you can see, It's not about the cost of the item... but the sentimental value of it, which is far more valuable than any possible gift that money can buy. All you need to do is.... think....

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